PESHAWAR - Three master players from Pakistan comprising M Yousaf, Imran Shehzad and Khurram Agha booked berth into the last 30 rounds after securing victories in all matches played in the round of 64 of the IBSF World Snooker Championship Men and Women Master in Doha, Qatar on Thursday.

Although all three top cueists faced tough resistance at the hand of their rivals, yet they made it to last 30 rounds before winning their respective matches in the round of 64. M Asif of Pakistan recorded victory against Mateusz Baranowshi of Poland in best of seven frames by 4-3, the score was (111-08(89), 0-84(76), 46-63, 40-77(50), 91-17, 76-36, 67-49). Asif played well and recorded a break of 89 points, followed by break of 50 in the fourth frame against the break of 76 points by his rival Mateusz Baranowshi of Poland in the second frame.

In the other matches, Steve Mifsud of Australia beat Asjad Iqbal of Pakistan by 4-2, (39-77, 86-28, 81-28, 0-135(135), 68-45, 112-0(104). Asjad had 135 points break in the first set by giving no point to his rival Steve Mifsud of Australia. Steve Mifsud of Australia had 104 break. M Naseem Akhtar of Pakistan beat Zayed Alkhayarin (Qatar) 4-0, the score was 80-0 (53), 65-06, 98-05 (57), 70-21. Naseem did not give much time to Zayed of Qatar to strike back.

Darren Morgan (Wales) defeated Khurram Agha of Pakistan by 3-1, the score was (66-29 (40), 35-85 (51), 76-24 (40), 68-0 (68) and Imran Shehzad (Pak) beat Dale Kwok (New Zealand) 3-0, (65-60(45), 58-27, 132-0 (40, 67). Muhammad Yousuf (Pak) beat Mohammad Al-Binali of (Qatar) 3-0, (1-0, 1-0, 1-0, (walk over).

Today’s fixtures:

Asjad Iqbal (Pak) vs Yazan Alhadad (Syria), M Naseem Akhtar (Pak) vs Lee Chun Wai (Hong Kong), Mubahsir Raza (Pak) vs Vladyslav Vyshnevskyy (Ukraine), M Asif (Pak) v Moh Keen Hoo (Malaysia).