LAHORE - The country's leading lawyers are trying to defend and get the accused bailed out identified by NAB and internal audit of Bank of Punjab in Harris Steel Industries scam in which Rs 8.6 billion was embezzled, The Nation has reliably learnt. The lawyers that are on the panel of Harris Steel included reputed lawyers like Wasim Sajjad, Malik Qayyum, Syed Sharif-ud-din Pirzada, and Senator Dr Babar Awan. All of them are big names and considered heavyweights in the country's judicial system. Wasim Sajjad remained President of Pakistan twice in caretaker set-ups in capacity of Senate Chairman. He also served as federal interior minister, showing his vast experience. Recently, he contested all the constitutional petitions against former President Pervez Musharraf. He represented Musharraf in these cases. And who does not know Sharif-ud-Din Pirzada, the legal advisor of almost all dictators including former President Musharraf. He is considered an authority in legal matters and constitutionalism. Malik Qayyum is considered as the best lawyer in the corporate world. He was a judge of the Lahore High Court and Attorney General of the Musharraf's government. Another giant in the panel is Senator Babar Awan, the public face of PPP these days. An articulate politician, he is a lawyer very much 'in' these days. It is an awesome combination, defending the people being established by NAB and BoP as the main accused in the Harris Steel Mill Scam. It seems that money here is playing the devil's game. It is such a combination before which even the Punjab government seemed helpless. It is not even in a position to hire lawyers with hefty fees. As compared to these legal wizards, the legal team of the NAB and Bank of Punjab is very ordinary. The only prominent name included on the bank's panel is Akram Sheikh, who is trying his best to plead the case before the court effectively from the bank's side. But seeking justice in the presence of legal heavyweights seems pretty far-fetched. The presence of so many outstanding lawyers from the side of accused has already worked wonders. They have successfully managed to wriggle out many important concessions from the court in favour of the accused, which an ordinary person cannot imagine. Even the ruthless agency NAB appeared toothless before them. The courts have already stopped the NAB from any further investigation and prosecution. For example, Prosecutor General NAB Dr Danishwar Malik appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan on August 13, 2008 and stated that the NAB is prepared to hand over the possession of office and vehicles to the petitioner. "Dr Danishwar Malik has placed on record a copy of letter in compliance of the orders of this court. He also states that the NAB is prepared to hand over the possession of the office and the vehicles belongings to independent persons other than the case property would also be released". It is pertinent to mention here that Harris Steel Industries filed a petition in the Lahore High Court against the NAB, pleading before the court to quash the investigations being carried out by the bureau against them. The Harris Industry hired the services of Wasim Sajjad and Ali Wasim Sajjad who appeared before the LHC on July 1, 2008 for the petitioner Harris Steel Industry. Syed Sharif-ud-din Pirzada, Mr Wasim Sajjad and Arshad Ali Chaudhry appeared before the SC on August 13, 2008. Dr Babar Awan appeared in the Islamabad High Court on September 9, 2008 for the applicant Harris Steel Industry.