ISLAMABAD The intriguing removal of scores of security check posts from the Afghanistan side of Pak-Afghan border has been taken by security circles in Pakistan as mischief of the US Commander of Joint Operations Special Command General Stanley McChrystal. This is a part of conspiracy by the US and Afghan commanders to remove scores of strategic security posts ahead of military operation launched by Pakistan against terrorists in South Waziristan Agency, security experts said. This is an intriguing move aimed at different ends. But primary motive of it is to encourage large-scale reinforcements and infiltration which the US commanders in Afghanistan would use to justify their claim that all the key Al-Qaeda and Taliban fugitives were present in FATA, a leading security analyst told TheNation requesting not to be named. Pakistan Army leadership also took up the issue of removal of these security check posts with Commander of the USCENTCOM when he called on Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani here last week. What has surprised many in Pakistan is the silence of the political leadership on this dangerous US move which not only threatens to undermine the Pakistan Army's SWA operations, but also puts more soldiers lives at risk in the fight against militants in this difficult terrain. Many in defence circles are linking this with the new US Congressional restrictions on military aid to Pakistan, to question what exactly the US is up to vis a vis the Pakistan military. However, when contacted the US Embassy spokesman rejected these notions as unfounded and misplaced. These were mere proposals put up on a website by General McChrystal as part of his review report, and being misused by the media, US Embassy spokesman Rick Snelsire maintained.