LAHORE - After GOR-I walls, the construction of wall around CCPO civil line building have set in thus turning the busiest Shaarey Fatima into a jungle of security walls for safeguarding those who are tasked to provide safety to the public. Instead of chalking out a comprehensive plan to provide foolproof security cover at public places, the top bosses of police department have started radical security measures to protect themselves. The source privy to the development revealed that CCPO Pervez Rathore has ordered to erect huge boundary wall around his office, especially in front of the main gate. Sources further disclosed that a big 'security wall was being constructed on the middle of main Shaarey Fatima Jinnah from Faisal Chowk to Laurence Road Chowk. The officials of police department have admitted that due to this measure, the CCPO office would officially 'occupy half of the road and only a single lane would later be opened for the public. According to the details, this security wall would cover half of the area of Shaarey Fatima Jinnah. Beside it the entrance of the vehicles would be banned in CCPO office and vehicles would remain outside the boundary wall. The project is likely to be completed in coming six month. In a survey conducted by The Nation, a large number of people expressed concerns over this move saying that the City was being turned into a police state. If top police officials started taking such ridiculous steps by securing only themselves, leaving the general public insecure then what the message they are conveying to the terrorists, they questioned. They demanded of the provincial government that all the offices should be shifted from the City and be set up outside Lahore. A passer-by Naveed Rizvi commented that public is surprised that CCPO who often used to claim foolproof security arrangements in the City, feels himself insecure. Another passer-by Rana Ikram angrily said that City was not police property and he urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take the notice of the situation and issue orders of shifting all the police offices in Lahore Fort or outside the City. Talking to The Nation, CCPO Pervez Rahtore said that the permanent wall was being erected with the permission of district government owing to security concerns. He said it was the right of police department to take security measures for their personnel besides taking steps for the general public. While DCO Sajjad Bhutta responded that he was absolutely unaware of the move owing to medical leave. The DCO further said if there were something wrong, he would take action against it. It is worth mentioning that at least 1,300 government schools and 121 Madrassas of Deoband, 25 of Ahl-e-Hadith, 27 seminaries of Ahl-e-Tashi and 215 seminaries of Ahle-Sunnat are vulnerable to terrorism in the provincial capital, which fall under six divisions of the Lahore police, which needed tight security on emergency basis but the Police Department has completely failed to improve security arrangements even at educational institutions despite the growing threat of terrorism.