The United States on Friday said the defense bill authorizion of $ 700 million in counterinsurgency assistance for Pakistan is absolutely unconditional with its top official for the region Richard Holbrooke stressing that the legislation only places usual reporting requirements on the American Administration. Holbrooke also hailed Pakistans anti-terrorism resolve as the key South Asian country continued its determined military foray into tribal areas of South Waziristan despite facing an unprecedented spate of terrorist attacks. This is a pro-Pakistan bill --- there are no conditions on Pakistan - only reporting requirements on the executive branch, the U.S. Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan said at a State Department briefing. Holbrooke spoke a day after U.S. Congress passed the massive $ 680 billion defense budget for the year 2010, also allowing counterterrorism aid for Pakistan. He made it clear that the defense bill is not similar to Kerry-Lugar economic assistance Act, some provisions of which led to a heated controversy in Pakistan earlier this month. It (Defense Bill) shows congressional view that Pakistan is a treasured friend of the United States. Under Pakistan Counterterrorism Capability Fund, Pakistan will be assisted in training of security forces including police and frontier corps as well but the U.S. administration would have to report to Congress that the security equipment given to Pakistan is being used for counterterrorism purposes only. The defense bill has been sent to President Barack Obama for his signature. Commenting particualrly on the Kerry-Lugar aid Bill, Holbrooke described it as a great piece of legislation with unanimous congressional support. He remarked it got caught up in domestic Pakistani politics. Holbrooke said as far as he is concerned the Kerry-Lugar Bill issue is over. I dont think the Kerry-Lugar Bill sparked anything (anti-Americanism)---it is a great piece of legislation - shepharded through Congress by Senator (John) Kerry who did a phenomenoal job also in the two countries--. In the end, it (the bill) got caught up in domestic pakistani politics which I dont want to comment on. He said the Kerry-Lugar bill was perhaps misunderstood and perhaps inadequately explaind. As far as I m concerned that issue is over, he added. On Secretary of State Hillary Clintons forthcoming visit to Pakistan, Holbrooke said the top U.S. diplomat would be meeting Pakistani leadership to discuss enhancing bilateral ties. She will also have the opportunity to interact with Pakistani opposition leaders, civil society and business representatives within the limits of a very dramatic situation going on in Pakistan as it forges ahead with its ant-imilitant campaign in South Waziristan and braves retaliatory terrorist attacks. Holbrooke praised Pakistans anti-terror resolve and the Pakistani public backing of the military offensive in Swat. He saw a conenection between Pakistani anti-militant offensive and the ongoing wave of terrorist attacks in the country. We are very impressed by Pakistans resolve to fight terrorism, Holbrooke said, highlighting the fact that Pakistan has deployed so many troops to fight the menace. The Pakistani leadership knows that their country has a lot of stakes in the battle against extremists, he stated. In answer to question he said the recent attacks on government and military targets have not increased any concerns about nuclear safety.