Yet another suicide attack This time the target was the International Islamic University in Islamabad. The twin blasts resulted in the death of five people and injured several, leaving the entire nation in a state of shock. Since the time I have heard about this latest gory act committed in the name of religion, my mind is boggled by scores of very disturbing questions. If these suicide bombers are dying for some religious cause, why do they target mosques, and in this particular case, an Islamic institute? Why do they kill innocent men, women and children? What is the mentality of the suicide bomber and what thoughts run through his mind as he blows himself up and a number of innocents believing he'll enter paradise for doing so Can this suicide bomber be a follower of Islam, a religion of peace? Does he know that the word Islam comes from an Arabic root 'salam' which means peace? -ZAINAB IHSAN, Lahore, October 21.