LADY Gaga will dress as a monster at her upcoming concerts. The 'Paparazzi singer is about to embark on her 'Monster Ball tour next month and the flamboyant pop star - famed for her outrageous outfits - is going to take her fashion inspiration from the title. She told Rolling Stone magazine: The fashion is going to be another exploration and another level from where we were with the previous tour, the 'Fame Ball. The theme of monsters is certainly going to be an influence, as well as the theme of evolution and change. Its going to be a truly artistic experience that is going to take the form of the greatest post-apocalyptic house party that youve ever been to. Lady Gaga - real name Stefani Germanotta - was due to hit the road with Kanye West. However, the tour - entitled 'Fame Kills, and which had been planned for months - was cancelled earlier this month, just weeks after Kanye was heavily criticised for invading the stage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. But the 23-year-old singer hasnt ruled out the possibility of touring with him in the future. She said: It just wasnt the right timing. I dont want to embellish on it too much, because I want to respect Kanyes privacy. But we just had our own reasons. Were real friends, real friends can make decisions like that, and we wanted to keep the momentum going in terms of pop music staying innovative with hip-hop and RnB. But whos to say what will happen in the future? - ES