KARACHI - Leaders of various religious and political parties on Friday said that the nation had rejected the insulting Kerry-Lugar Act (KLA), which they called a threat to the national sovereignty and independence. They asked the rulers to honour sentiments of the people of Pakistan and reject the US slavery. JI Central Naib Ameer Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, Mohammad Hussain Mehanti, PML-N Leader Zain Ansari, JUP Siddique Rathor, Nazir Abbas Taqvi of ITP, JUI-F Aslam Ghori, Azfal Sardar of MJAH and Prof Shamim Akhtar expressed these views while addressing voters at JI referendum camp at Numaish Chowrangi. Though the official results of the Jamaat-e-Islami referendum against the KLA, drone attacks, increasing US interference in Pakistan and the presence of Black Water in the country have yet to be announced, the party leadership claimed that hundreds of thousands people of Sindh had rejected the bill through their votes against the KLA. Addressing a gathering at Numaish Chowrangi polling camp, Prof Ghafoor Ahmed said that Pakistani people had rejected the KLA and they were not ready to accept the US slavery. He claimed that the todays referendum against Kerry-Lugar bill could compelled the rulers to reject the bill. He said that the wrong policies and terrorism acts of the US had defamed her in the world and asked the US citizens to pressurize their government to play a positive role in the world. However, JI Sindh leader Mujahid Channa told TheNation that about 5,000 polling stations had been set up in the province including 2,500 polling stations in Karachi alone. He claimed that more than 10 million people in Sindh cast their votes in the referendums against Kerry-Lugar bill. Though the party has issued only 10 million ballot papers in Sindh but thousands of people cast their votes via advertisement published in newspapers, he added. He said that people pronounced their verdict against the Kerry-Lugar bill, which he called a document of the US enslavement, through casting their votes in the referendum. He said that no patriotic person could accept the KLA under its shameful conditions. However, unfortunately, our rulers had become total slaves of the US and the whole country was now in the hands of the Americans, he added. Channa termed the US interference as the root cause of the problems the country being suffered from, saying that the JI referendum against KLA was the need of hour. He asked people to cast their votes in great numbers at their nearest polling stations. Prof Ghafoor Ahmed and Karachi leader Mohammad Hussain Mehanti cast their vote at Boltan Market, and JI Sindh Chief Asad Ullah Bhutto cast his vote in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, more than 4,339 voters cast their votes through JI Karachi website out of which about 4,158 voters have rejected the Kerry-Lugar bill.