Rawalpindi (PPI) - Rawalpindi police have started public awareness campaign following more terror threats. The police personnel are asking the citizens and traders of the city to be vigilant on their surroundings to foil evil designs of the terrorists and outlaws. Through a public pamphlet addressed to the citizens and traders of the city, the City Police Officer, Rao Mohammad Iqbal has advised the citizens to inform the nearby station house officer (SHO) in personal if there was any suspected person residing in their neighboring and there was movement of suspected and unknown persons in a particular locality ensuring that their names would be kept confidential. The traders of the city have been asked to install close circuit cameras in the markets and shops and also arrange a security guard on three to four shops. They have been asked to submit the photocopies of the computerised national identity card and other particulars with the concerned police station while renting out their homes and shops. Besides many other instructions to check the street crimes, the people have been urged to cooperate with the police and record their queries and suggestion on telephone number 0301-5669999 to address the crimes and enhance efficiency of the police. Furthermore the people have been asked to use services of bank lockers for their valuables and cash and also to install the modern watch-guard security system in their homes. They have further advised to install secret bells in the homes of their neighbor on mutual consultations so as be alarmed during emergency to inform the Rescue 15 and the concerned police station in case of any unwanted situations.