KARACHI - The PPP-led Sindh government has backed out from the unanimous resolution of Sindh Assembly (SA) on NFC Award, passed in 2003, demanding that the federal government must maintain separate tax accounts of the provinces and after deducting its settled share on population basis, surrender the remaining amount to each province from its account. The resolution was jointly moved by the then opposition leader and parliamentary chief of PPP in Sindh Assembly Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, who is presently the Speaker of Sindh Assembly, and MQM Parliamentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed, which unanimously passed in 2003. But PPP government has deviated from its original stand on NFC and proposed a formula suggesting for distribution of resources among the provinces on multiple criteria. However, the Sindh Dost Rabta Council (SDRC) observed token hunger strike against Sindh governments stand on NFC proceedings at Karachi Press Club on Friday. The token hunger strike will continue for three days all over the province, while dozens of its workers, political activists and leaders of different political parties including Sindh United Party, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Awami Party and others took part in token hunger strike in five divisional headquarters including Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Larkana and Sukkur. At Karachi Press Club, Barrister Zamir Ghumro, Muneer Naich, Younis Mahar, Adam Malik, Habib Jatoi, Atta Malookani, Kifayat Mirani, Shah Nawaz Sargani, and others took part in the hunger strike camp with large number of political activists, poets and writers. Barrister Zamir Ghumro, chief of Sindh Dost Rabta Council, alleged that Sindh government has backed out from the unanimous resolution of Sindh Assembly on NFC passed in 2003 and demanding horizontal distribution among the provinces which is totally illegal and unconstitutional. He lamented that Sindh government has agreed to the formation of horizontal distribution committee by NFC which is in clear conflict of NFC mandate under Article 160 of the Constitution as it envisages no provision of horizontal distribution. Ghumro further said that federal government was taking its share on revenue basis which was against all cannons of justice as it was bound to maintain separate accounts of the taxes recovered from each province and deduct its share from their accounts on population basis. The vertical committee of the NFC has been given no power to decide the basis of federal share and it will only decide the percentage of taxes to be retained by the centre which is against the principles of federalism and spirit of Article 160 of the Constitution, he said, adding that Sindh governments U-turn on unanimous resolution in 2003 speaks volumes about the double standards of the provincial government. Ghumro said that PPP government had, for the first time, introduced horizontal distribution among the provinces in 1974 NFC recommendations against the Constitution as it was never envisaged before, though NFC provision in all the 3 Constitutions of the country is same. Even NFC recommendations in 1974 clearly stipulated that it was an interim arrangement. He maintained that the horizontal distribution has been illegally continued during subsequent NFC recommendations giving colossal losses, to the Sindh province. He demanded that the NFC should desist from horizontal distribution and return the tax share of the provinces after deducting the settled share of the federal government on population basis from the account of the each province. SDRC leader stressed that Sindh should only contribute 23 per cent to the share of federation from its tax account as per its population instead of 90 per cent being taken away from it through contrived and illegal NFC recommendations in clear disregard of the Constitution. He also demanded that both statutory and non-statutory members of the NFC must resign as they have miserably failed to abide by the Constitution and unanimous resolution of 2003 of the Sindh Assembly.