RAWALPINDI  - The contractor of the sacrificial animal markets in the Cantonment Board area, violating their contract with the board management, has started charging Rs200 to 300 from the buyers too.

According to sources, the contractor of the animal markets at three points in the Cantt Board area agreed with the board authorities on charging Rs200 to 300 on the entry of each animal in the market and not to charge the buyers. But, now the employees of the contractor are not only charging the buyers but also giving them receipts, the sources informed INP.

The sources further said that the employees of the contractor were announcing that every buyer needed to pay the charges; otherwise they would be fined 11 times more than the original charges.

Speaking about the situation, the citizens said that the employees of the contractor could not do that without the backing of some Cantt Board officials; therefore the board high officials should take notice of the irregularity. When contacted, Chaudhry Ishtiaq Anwar, contractor of the animal markets, said that they were not charging any fee from the buyers. He said he would try his best to stop the element from looting the buyers.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Cantonment Board established the markets at three points in the area including Dhok Syedan, Peshawar Road and Dhok Gujran and the number of the buyers was increasing with every passing day. Meanwhile, disputes were arising, as the plot in which the animal market had been set up in Dhok Syedan was owned by some other institution that was not asking the Cantt Board for their share in the revenue earned from the market, the sources revealed.