PAKPATTAN – On the completion of two-years period after the incident, the Tehreek Faizan-e-Aulia Pakistan has announced to stage a protest against bomb blast at Dargah Hazrat Baba Fareed (RA).

During this incident, four people were killed while 17 injured.

The police have failed to arrest any culprit up till now. The devotees demanded to arrest culprits.

Tehrik Faizan-e-Aulia Chief Dewan Azmat Chishti demanded the government to arrest the culprits.

MAN INJURED HIMSELF: A man injured himself in judicial lock up here the other day.  As per detail, the police said that Rehmat Ali injured himself in police locked up.

While Rehmat Ali blamed that police tortured him and beaten him badly.

He said that the police involved him in a case only taking bribe from his the relatives.