BAJAUR AGENCY - Hundreds of employees of the Education Deportment in Bajaur have failed to receive their Eid advance salary due to the absence of Agency Education Officer of his office for the last several weeks.

Source of the Education Deportment said on Tuesday that hundreds of teachers in the different government educational institutions of the agency and other staff members of the Education Deportment were deprived to get their Eid-ul-Azha advance salary from the office.

“Cheques of the advance salary of all the employees are quite ready for the last two days but there is no Agency Education Officer to sign on the cheques,” the source added.

The source said that post of the Agency Education Officer in the Education Deportment has been vacant for the last three weeks due to the retirement of the former AEO Mohammad Din Khan from his service.

The source said that over 2000 teachers and staff of the Education Deportment could be deprived of their advance salary if the new AEO was not appointed before Eid.

“Hundreds of teachers reached the office on Tuesday to get salaries, but all of them had to return disappointed,” Lal Zada, a local teacher, said on Tuesday.