LAHORE - A Turkish bus company has announced 50 per cent discount on fare on the occasion of Eidul Azha. The decrease in fare has been declared on four major routes of the City.

The countrywide transporters have been in a tradition of raising fare and fleecing people at inter-city and intra-city routes on every Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha for years.

And following their own footsteps, they have already increase 20 to 30 per cent fare and started looting homebound people from Sunday.

At least, three million will leave the City to celebrate Eid with their friends and families at hometowns. The rush at bus stands started increasing from Sunday which would touch peak on Thursday and Friday.

“Turkish Company Albayrak working under the regulation of Lahore Transport Company has announced 50 per cent discounted fare on four Lahore routes,” said the LTC spokesman.

“A total of 47 modern air-conditioned buses on route No B-08 (General Bus Stand to Allama Iqbal Airport), B-28 (Allama Iqbal Airport to Honda Morre), B-49-A, (Lahore Railway Station to Muridkey) and B-49 (Lahore Railway Station to Kamonki) are operational.  Discounted fare will be applicable for all passengers from October 25 to 29,” he added.

Meanwhile, different bus terminals of Lahore, General Bus Stand, Niazi Bus Stand, Abdullah Travel, City Bus Terminal, Daewoo Terminal etc, were seen crowded with passengers on Tuesday.

A general manager of a bus stand said that rush would further increase on Wednesday and the trend would increase day after day. He said that known companies never raise their fare on Eid but different private individual operators used this practice and brought bad name to overall transport companies.