WASHINGTON - Chelsea Clinton, daughter of a former US president and the current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has joined the growing number of voices speaking in support of Malala Yousafzai.

In an interview with BBC, Ms Clinton paid tributes to Malala, whom she called her a ‘brave Pakistani girl’ and hoped that the 14-year-old would return home to continue her sacred mission. "I very much support her campaign for girls' rights."

Meanwhile, the US State Department said that the militant attack on Malala has strengthened Pakistan’s anti-terror resolve. Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters at the daily press briefing that the message that stemmed from the Taliban shooting, in Swat, could not have been clearer. “When you’re talking about the right of young girls to receive an education and the fact that these individuals, these terrorists, are looking to wipe out or stop these girls from access to education, access to their very basic rights.

 I think it was a clear message to the Pakistani people, one that’s clearly resonated with them, and I think it strengthened their resolve,” Toner said.

He was asked about the message from the incident, which outraged the Pakistani nation, and indeed the whole world.