LAHORE – All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Tuesday said price of CNG in Pakistan was highest in the region therefore it must be brought down in line with other countries in the national interest.

“Prices of CNG in Pakistan should match other countries where buying power of the masses is more or less the same,” said APCNGA Supreme Council Chairman Ghiyas Paracha.

Addressing a meeting of the association, he added the decisions affecting CNG sector were not taken on merit but on the whims of powerful oil lobby which wanted to boost its business. He said that CNG sector needed immediate attention of authorities as billions have been invested in it. He said that 3.5 million cars had been converted while millions of people are directly or indirectly employed in this sector.  Paracha informed that price of CNG in Thailand is 76.70 per cent less as compare to price of petrol. Similarly, in Bangladesh, CNG is available at 68.61 per cent lesser price, Indonesia 51.65 per cent and in India it is 58.84 per cent of the cost of petrol.

“Many countries including India and Bangladesh don’t have any indigenous substitute for gasoline; they lack proper gas infrastructure but they sell CNG at low price as compare to Pakistan despite importing LNG and paying for conversion to enable it for use in vehicles.”

As a policy, US and many EU countries have been promoting use of gas to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels due to uncertainty in supply chain, volatility in prices, and save foreign exchange, he said, adding that many countries are doing away with expensive LPG but here CNG sector is being closed to boost import of costly fuel.

Total consumption of CNG sector in Pakistan not more than eight per cent, it is paying more taxes as compare to any other sector using gas, yet it is being victimised while some other influential sectors are promoted despite the fact that immediate conversion of those sectors on other fuels in the national interest, Paracha observed.