KARACHI – Banning the banned outfits to collect sacrificial hides, the Sindh government on Monday issued code of conduct for hide collection during Eid.The Sindh Home Department in consultation with the political parties and social organisation prepared a code of conduct, enabling the parties and social welfare organizations to collect sacrificial hides with the written permission of the commissioner of the City. In the code of conduct, the using of loudspeakers and microphones to convince the people to give them sacrificial hides has been banned by the government, besides displaying the arms all over the province for three days of the Eid. The government has also imposed ban on using flags of the political parties to collect the hides in the City. It further stated that the authorities would seize the hides of people who violate the code of conduct and the people will have to inform the police and submits photocopy of their CNIC and organisation’s identity while transferring hides from one area to another. It may be noted the collection of the hides has been remained a point of conflict among the political and religious parties during Eid as bloody conflicts also witnessed in past in the city. The collection of hides of the sacrificial animals involves handsome money, which now attract the banned outfits, which entered and convincing the people through displaying banners to give them the hides for the purpose of ‘Jihad’.