ISLAMABAD  - Dilapidated sewerage line passing through playground of Federal Government Higher Secondary School G-6/2 has polluted the environment of the educational institutions posing health hazards.

This sewerage line is meant for the residential area located around the school. It has outlived its life and has gone broken.

It continues to seep the whole daylong and the filth gushing out from the line has turned the educational institution into pond of stinking water.

The sewerage line problem is six months old and it has gone more grave as the stench coming out of stinking water has forced the students and teachers to leave the class rooms without completing their study hours.

We can not weather the gravity of foul odor coming from the flurry of leakages from the sewerage line and the state of affairs has compelled us to stay away from class rooms, said a group of students.

A majority of our colleagues have contracted respiratory diseases due to polluted atmosphere and how long we will resist it, said a group of teachers with question mark deepening on their faces.

The teachers and students demanded immediate replacement of faulty sewerage line otherwise they will be forced to hold protest rallies.