LAHORE – Foreseeing no electoral future with the forces of religious right, Ejazul Haq chief of PML (Zia) is most likely to join the PML-N without any pre-conditions after Eid-ul-Azha.

Ejaz-ul-Haq who was in contact with PML-N for quite sometime, apparently in a bid to unite all factions of the Muslim League, has made an attempt to maintain his political identity or better bargain position by aligning the PML (Zia) with Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC).

However, anticipating little impact of the DPC member parties for the electoral success of his faction of Muslim League, especially in Punjab, Ejaz who has been making efforts to strike some electoral arrangement with PML-N for the next polls, expected to join hands with Nawaz Sharif without any conditions after Eid.

Ejaz-ul-Haq talking to TheNation on Tuesday over the issue said, “It is my wish that my faction of Muslim League will maintain its independent political identity by forging electoral alliance with PML-N. However, the PML-N being the leading faction of the Muslim League insists that I should merge PML (Zia) into PML-N”.

He ,however, claimed that a final round of talks deciding the fate of PML (Zia) would be taken in a meeting with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif.

Ejaz said that member of his Muslim League, Chaudhry Shahid Anjum who got elected from PP-284, Bahawalpur was already an ally of the PML-N with his consent.

However, informed political sources in Punjab told this correspondent that the only MPA of PML (Zia) has practically join hands with PML-N without informing the party chief and he would contest next elections from PML-N platform.

Ejazul Haq when insisted to take a direct position over merging his faction into PML-N, avoiding a direct reply said, “PML-N is like a home to me and one can always go back to his home”.

Informed political sources maintained that all matters pertaining to merging the PML (Zia) into PML-N has already been finalised and Ejaz-ul-Haq’s meeting with Nawaz Sharif would only be a photo session.

While, Ejaz would be rewarded by giving him constituency of his choice for the next elections.

They further maintained that political heavyweights of PML-Q (Like-Minded Group), which has struck a seat adjustment deal with PML-N sometime back, may also join PML-N before the next polls.

A senior leader of provincial ruling party claimed that all the members of other factions of Muslim League who would join them will contest polls from their platform by formally becoming part of the PML-N before the next elections.