KARACHI- Karachi Electric Supply Company has removed illegal power supply cables going from a mosque into a factory in North Karachi. The power utility had observed heavy load consumption on the mosque’s power connection, especially during night hours. On close scrutiny by the KESC teams, it was discovered that the adjacent factory had been involved in illegal power usage by using the mosque’s power connection. A spokesman of KESC said the thread producing cottage industry unit, located adjacent to the mosque on Plot Nos 10/11, Sector 6-B, North Karachi, had been consuming electricity through the mosque’s connection and directly from the pole as well. The illegal use of electricity was first noticed in August this year and the mosque was sent a notice to undo the unauthorised connection and keep vigil. However, KESC found out after recent inspection that the illegal supply of power from mosque to the power looms unit was still continuing.He said KESC has disconnected all illegal supply lines and confiscated the cable being used for this purpose. Power supply to the mosque has not been disconnected to facilitate prayer offerings. The factory contact persons have also been called in to offer explanation for their illegal power usage.