ISLAMABAD - Main Opposition party PML-N would soon move Supreme Court for implementation of its decision regarding the Asghar Khan case, party sources said on Tuesday.

The sources privy to this development told TheNation that legal advisers have recommended to party’s top leadership to move Supreme Court for implementation of its decision in letter and sprit. The move comes after the PPP-led ruling alliance failed to implement the Supreme Court decision and instead had resorted to the media trial of the PML-N leadership.

According to the informed sources, government has failed to act against those who distributed the money and instead has launched witch-hunting campaign against the political rivals.

“We strongly condemn these government efforts aiming to malign our leadership”, a senior PML-N leader said, adding, that PML-N would soon evolve its future course of action that includes seeking judicial relief from the Supreme Court.

Sources were of the view that PPP-led ruling alliance was struggling to single out the PML-N for political motives and wanted to drive mileage in the general elections.

They said that PML-N would not allow the rulers to hoodwink the people by restoring to media trial of the party leadership just in order to cover up their corruption and bad governance and failure to provide any relief to the poor masses.

“People at large are well aware of the corrupt rulers who have done nothing but added miseries to the lives of the poor during the past five years”, sources said, adding, the rulers cannot hoodwink the public at this stage as people at large were fed up of the failures of the ruling alliance.