LAHORE– The PML-N is not panicked over the appointment of Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo as PPP Central Punjab president since the party believes that the move would bounce back and Wattoo would once again face the 1995-like situation when the Benazir Bhutto government showed him the door as Punjab chief minister.

PML-N sources said that Wattoo’s period was over and he was no longer strong enough to become the Punjab chief minister with only 18 seats. “Wattoo will meet a tough time from even the PPP workers and leaders,” they viewed.

The sources termed the welcome arranged for Watttoo in the City on Monday a totally flop show, as well as a manifestation of the response to his appointment by PPP workers. PML-N City President MNA Muhammad Pervez Malik also challenged Wattoo to contest the upcoming election from Lahore.

Talking to TheNation, Pervez said that there was no panic in the party over Wattoo’s appointment. “Punjab will prove to be a very difficult ‘wicket’ for Wattoo since it has been prepared by the untiring efforts of PML-N President Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif,” he viewed.

Also, the PML-N on Tuesday demanded of President Asif Ali Zardari to quit his political office in the light of the Supreme Court decision in the Ashgar Khan case.

PML-N central leader Senator Tariq Azeem urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to stop the president from continuing his political activity and close down the office set up for political activity in the President House. He also questioned why no action had so far been taken against the accused as per the apex court decision in the Asghar Khan case.