ISLAMABAD - MQM chief Altaf Hussain has prevented the party lawmakers from unduly criticising the incumbent government until the completion of Grievance Redressal Committee’s report.

The members had been advised to take back their resignations and avoid criticism on the government in the coming three months, sources in MQM shared with The Nation.

The newly formed Grievance Redressal Committee will start its work in the coming week to compile its report on the complaints of MQM and other parties on the Karachi operation within 90 days.

“The MQM lawmakers, after taking back their resignations, will start participating in the proceedings of the assemblies and the Senate, but avoid locking horns with the government on each issue,” said a MQM member, desiring not to be named.

The MQM MNAs and senators, before submitting their resignations, used to register their protest against the alleged unilateral Karachi operation almost in every sitting of the National Assembly. They tendered resignations on August 12, giving 19 reasons, including the Karachi operation.

“We have submitted resignations for pushing us to the wall and imposing restrictions on their political, democratic and social activities,” these were the words of MQM parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar in NA before tendering resignations with the other MNAs of his party.

The PML-N government ignored MQM’s grievances for one month. Later, it formed a five-member team to look into the complaints of Muttahida regarding the ongoing operation in Karachi. This committee would hold a couple of meetings and complete its task in three months (90 days).

The allegations of MQM were rejected by the government side many times, saying the Karachi operation was only against the criminals disrupting the peace of the city. The government and MQM had also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the formation of the committee to make a report on the matter.

The committee, comprising Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice (r) Kahlilur Rehman, Justice (r) Ajmal Mian and Barrister Farogh Naseem from MQM will jointly work on it.

Talking to The Nation, an MQM lawmaker said they would present all the evidences and figures to the committee as a number of their workers were missing. “The MQM members faced illegal detentions, but our grievances were not addressed. We hope this committee will give weight to our complaints,” said a Muttahida lawmaker.

It would not be out of place to mention here that MQM had several times detached itself from the PPP government over grievances. The party had faced a severe criticism for its ‘political somersaults’ as in the PPP era MQM left the government for several times and rejoined after some time on acceptance of their demands.