Islamabad - The police force must prepare itself to counter modern trends and techniques being used by criminals for committing crimes.

A police officer should have good communication skills and must know about modern trends in science, technology and financial aspects of the matters.

This was stated by the speakers at ‘National Police Executive Seminar’ organised by National Police Bureau.

The purpose of the daylong seminar was to build capacity building of the senior police officers and were orientated on the latest trends, appraisal of critical issues for improving their skills to overcome the challenges.

More than ninety four participants including Heads of fifteen Police Organizations, rank of IGPs, Addl IGPs and DIGs from all over the country attended the seminar.

The program was divided into three sessions. In the first session titled “Contemporary Challenges/Critical Things Police

Officers need to know” Sayed Mohib Asad, Sarah Belal and Tallat Hussain deliberated on the topics.

In second session titled “Proactive Leadership” Dr Sania Nishtar, Saleem Safi and Roshaneh Zafar presented their point of view on the subject.

In the third session titled “Crime/Terrorism and State Response”, Ihsan Ghani, Khalid Qureshi and Tariq Pervez presented the valuable information on the topic.

Former National Coordinator, NACTA/DG, FIA, Tariq Pervez stated that National Counter Terrorism Authority’s role in prevention of terrorism is very important and further he stated that National Action Plan and National Internal Security Policy are the key actions vital to reduce Terrorism.

Commandant, National Police Academy, Khalid Qureshi explained manifestations of terrorism and its implications in Balochistan.

Speaking at the occasion, Director General National Police Bureau, Ihsan Ghani elaborated new initiatives taken by NACTA to prevent terrorism in the country.

The senior police officials at the occasion, shared their thoughts and experience blended with speaker’s analysis on the identified subjects.

The speakers highlighted the role of police in blocking the funding of extremists, terrorist groups and misuse of donations by certain groups.