BBC Kathmandu - Warmer temperatures are threatening to shrink the habitat of the snow leopard and weaken their struggle against extinction, a report says.

Conservation charity WWF says more than a third of the animal’s mountain living areas could become uninhabitable because of climate change . It says plants and trees there are not able to survive in warmer temperatures. The report describes snow leopards as one of the most beautiful and enigmatic big cats.

“But it is also one of the most elusive and endangered,” it says. Climate change will exacerbate most of these threats, the report says, further increasing the pressure on snow leopards and reducing them to unsustainable numbers in many areas.

“The Himalayas region will face a major crisis if we choose to ignore climate change . Not only do we risk losing majestic species such as the snow leopard, but hundreds of millions of people who rely on water flowing from these mountains may be affected,” WWF-UK’s Snow Leopard Programme Lead Rebecca May said. The charity says that India, Nepal and Bhutan’s success in increasing the number of endangered species such as tigers and rhinos could be replicated for snow leopards.