ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said Friday that Hazrat Imam Hussain’s supreme sacrifice contained a pristine message for all times - resist tyranny, oppression and falsehood at all costs.

In a message on the Youm-e-Ashur, he said that Imam Hussain stands as the beacon of light illumining the path for generations to traverse.

“On this day we pay homage to the martyrs of Karbala and also pledge to resist tyranny, injustice and oppression,” he said.

“Tyranny and oppression has stealthily reared its ugly head in new forms and new manifestations in our land albeit behind the façade of pious intentions,” he stated.

“The need for emulating the example of Imam Hussain in resisting injustice and oppression is quite obvious,” he said.

“On this day, therefore, let’s reiterate our resolve that no matter what the odds we shall neither submit before oppression and injustice nor let the evil have its sway,” the PPP leader said.

The former president also asked the people to rise above sectarianism and forge unity among their ranks.

“The need for harmony and tolerance has never been as great as it is today,” he said.