KABUL: China is due to hand over two transport planes to the Afghan Air Force, months after the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) received the first batch of military aid from the country, Afghan media reported on Monday.

Officials with the Afghan Ministry of Defence said the planes will be used for the transportation of Afghan army officials and delegates.

Defence ministry spokesperson Dawlat Waziri said the delivery of the planes will play a key role as the Afghan Air Force needs the planes for the transportation of army officials on official trips, inside and outside the country.

No further details were given regarding the exact date of the delivery of the planes and the type of the aircraft China would deliver to the Afghan army.

Afghanistan received the first batch of military aid from China earlier in the month of July which followed as the country has been attempting to increase role in supporting in Afghanistan amid deteriorating security situation.

China’s army chief had pledged over $70 million to help support and equip the Afghan security forces.

During his visit to Afghanistan earlier in March, Chief of China’s People’s Liberation Army, Fang Fenghui, announced the fresh military aid, saying the latest aid will follow besides Beijing’s ongoing cooperation in development and economic sector.

General Fenghui also added that China will call a regional summit to implement the proposal by Afghan President Ghani during Shanghai conference for fight against terrorism.

Reiterating China’s commitment to fight terrorism in the region, General Fenghui said Afghanistan has a strategic location and acts as an important economic belt, which is continuously threatened by the terror groups.