LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif yesterday paid a surprise visit to THQ Hospital Raiwind without protocol and reached the hospital with only two vehicles, according to an official handout.

He inspected different wards, inquired after the patients and asked about the facilities being provided in the hospital. Besides expressing his displeasure over absence of staff at reception, the chief minister reprimanded the medical superintendent on poor cleanliness condition and dirtiness of washbasin in Operation Theater.

Shehbaz said “wastage of the hard-earned money of the nation in such a way is shameful”. He warned that he would not allow anybody to waste the national wealth.

“I have taken the responsibility of reforming the hospitals in Punjab, and I will not rest content till the availability of quality health facilities to the people of Punjab,” the CM said, adding that he would keep on visiting the hospitals to monitor the situation.

The chief minister also took strict notice of closure of pharmacy and store in the hospital. He visited emergency ward, admonished MS and asked him whether he would like to treat his relative in such a dirty condition.

He also expressed displeasure over falling of air-conditioner water inside a ward, which was damaging the wall, and said that cleanliness and improvement of hygiene system is the responsibility of the administration.

The MS also faced severe criticism when the CM saw the sanitary staff sans uniform.

Shehbaz was deeply saddened by the situation at hospital, where no gynecologist was present and only one nurse was on duty in emergency ward. Also an orthopedic surgeon, who was appointed months ago, has still not joined his duty.

Urging the hospital staff to serve the ailing humanity, the CM said that the fruits of costly public health facilities should reach the patients at every cost.

Separately, during a three-hour meeting yesterday, CM Shehbaz ordered strict action against the responsible for displaying delay and negligence in the procurement of some medicines of anti-dengue during the current financial year. He directed the Chief Minister’s Inspection Team chairman to constitute a committee to take action against them in accordance with rules and regulations. Shehbaz Sharif said that where there is matter of human lives, delay of even a second is criminal negligence, which is intolerable.

“Punjab government is implementing a comprehensive policy for eradicating dengue from the province,” Shehbaz said while lamenting that despite availability, protocol evolved for purchase of anti-dengue medicines was not implemented. “Had there been an effective monitoring system by the department, there would not have been delay in the process of procurement of these medicines,” he added.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the departments and institutions will have to take timely steps and decisions and perform their duties after realising sense of their responsibility. He further ordered that a comprehensive strategy be evolved within seven days for checking such incidents in future.

Health adviser Kh Salman Rafiq, chief secretary, additional chief secretary, law secretary and other senior officials participated in the meeting from Civil Secretariat.