MALAKANAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Monday said his party would remain in Islamabad until Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigned.

Addressing a rally here, Khan said he had never bowed before anyone and neither would the people of Pakistan. “Robbers have seized control of institutions and resources,” Khan said.

Imran Khan in his speech lambasted his opponents calling them slanderous names. He said that he feels pity for the premier after seeing the enthusiasm of people.

A million people will march to the capital on November 2, PTI chairman Imran Khan vowed on Monday.

Khan spoke with journalists outside his Bani Gala residence and referring to the prime minister he said, "There is still time. Either resign or hold yourself accountable based on the jointly agreed upon Terms of Reference."

Without naming anyone he said, "We will not go to jail, you will hide from the law."

Reports in the media claim that the government is chalking out a plan to arrest key PTI leaders before the expected 'lockdown' of the capital.

“I assure you that you cannot stop the type of people coming to Islamabad. You don’t have that many jails to keep them. No police can stop one million people,” Khan said.

Imran Khan stressed that Shaukat Khanum Hospital was spending billions annually on the treatment of patients and attacks against it should be stopped.

Leading up to the PTI’s Islamabad sit-in, members of the PML-N have accused Imran Khan of misusing funds for Shaukhat Khanum Hospital.

He added that every time his party asked the prime minister to come out clean against the Panama Leaks, there were attacks at the Line of Control. Predicting a conspiracy behind the coincidence he said, "Such incidents occur to save Nawaz Sharif from accountability."

When asked about the PPP long-march, Imran Khan said there would be no need for this as the issue would be resolved.

PTI has threatened to lay siege at the capital on November 2 in a bid to pressurise the prime minister to present himself for accountability against alleged corruption in the Panama Papers.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing the Panama Leaks case against the PM.

Last week the court sent notices to all parties including the prime minister in relation to the case.