Imran Khan, head of PTI and the most sought-after politician of Pakistan, has recently laid out his ultimate stance, which by any standards is absurd and shrouded in a precursor of bloodshed. In the wake of recent events, his decision to lock the capital city down forcefully and by the strategy of ‘come what may’ has been accounted to ebb to his previously well-maintained persona of a political leader with accurate and sufficient insight to play the right cards.

The current government recently decided to hold an all-party conference in order to deliver a much-needed message to the international community and especially to the neighbour who is flaring without any reason. The agenda was simple and straightforward: to show solidarity on the national level on key issues.

When it is matter of saving the falling integrity of the homeland, no option will be left unattended to save it and protect it. Unfortunately, Imran Khan shamelessly and on the dint of his ego boycotted this conference. When asked, he uttered an expected reply, which was an attempt to equivocate. He said that the sole reason responsible for his absence from the conference was that the government, cleverly, in disguise of the Kashmir-India issue, wants to divert the attention of people from their corruption.

It was indeed a very sad moment for anyone, to see that for this person the most important issues at this time are matters which can be settled once the crises faced by Pakistan satiates. Many headlines in the International media, and particularly in Indian media, picked this news up and presented it to give the impression that Pakistan has more people on the inside who can pose a stronger threat to the country than outsiders and non-state actors.

As far as going after corrupt politicians and holding them accountable to the law is concerned, I agree with Imran Khan. But the method deployed by him to achieve this is not normal at all. Accountability is for everyone, whether errant PMLN or any other political party of Pakistan, but the oblique time through which the country is passing nowadays, should and must influence our priorities. In the all-parties conference, Nawaz Sharif didn’t speak a single word to defend the charges levelled against him, but instead, the sole focus was on national, regional and international issues of importance.

Now, in the Raiwind march, Imran Khan laid out the details of his nefarious ambitions to lock the capital of Pakistan down, in a bid to put pressure on the government to kowtow. This threat cannot be taken lightly or dismissed as another amusing whim of his, just before he changes his mind and gives people another chance to call him u-turn Khan. The tone and selection of his words were fierce and more desperate than before.

The question to ponder upon at this moment is: who will actually be digging the benefits from Imran Khan’s plan? India in UNO and on other forums vehemently tried the best it could to present Pakistan as a state where terrorists are at ease to do whatever they please. Now, at this very particular time, if something happens to the democratic government; casualties take place if the mob opts for violence or anything which amounts to vandalism, then who will be dancing in delight? Of course, India.

I will repeat, Imran Khan’s demand is just and no one can deny it, but to make that happen why should one put his hope in the violence and barricading public areas? Why not going to the courts and other platforms which can officially help? This plan of his will give a message to the common man that instead of going to the court just take to the streets. And just to satisfy yourself, make the life of others hell.

Pakistan, since it began its journey as a country, has never ever interacted a project like CPEC. China, an affirming friend and peaceful neighbor, has initiated this project for the benefits of both. Now amidst this chaotic environment which is being spread by Imran Khan, such a beneficial project also comes under the threat – indirectly, if not directly. Any country that has invested a sum too high to be put on stake is always following the ongoing events keenly. The Islamabad lockdown will also raise a shrilling alarm for the Chinese who are investing an amount of approximately 55 billion dollars in Pakistan.

Although Imran Khan has assured the Chinese ambassador that his lockdown has nothing to do with the CPEC project, but can he assure them and everybody else that the mob which will gather there will remain peaceful and won’t indulge in violence?

To quote German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, ‘In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.’

If democracy is derailed this time around, it will take another decade or so to bounce back from the plight that other non-democratic methods will bring along with them. Imran Khan’s plan, led by whatever cause, his frustration and anguish are not in favour of Pakistan. It will create problems for us not only at home, but also in the International community.