ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation’s self-styled policies have destroyed squash in Pakistan. Liking, disliking and nepotism are at peak in the federation. Even top class players including Aamir Atlas Khan and Danish Atlas Khan after getting highly frustrated with Honorary Secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz’ step-motherly treatment, had turned their backs on country and residing in the USA. A number of top class players left Pakistan in frustration and applying their trade in different countries. But the federation is least bothered about ground realities and pretending all is well. But ground reality is completely different. The results in COAS Int’l and CNS Int’l are more than enough to nullify PSF claims as local players could only managed to reach semi-finals and that too just because both Pakistanis played in the quarterfinals.

In the COAS International Egyptian Omer won the title, while CNS International was begged by another Egyptian Zahed. The situation is more than alarming but Senior Vice President Syed Razi Nawab and Secretary Amir Nawaz are not ready to open their eyes and defending their policies by claiming they are the ones, who brought international events and players to Pakistan. But the matter of the fact is none of the top 10 players had entered in the tournaments and mainly Egyptian players in top 30 and beyond played in these tournaments just because of the fact they were in the position of winning the titles. Otherwise they could have also opted to stay away. For how long masses had to pray for the success of local players in even $25,000 events, no one knows. In the past, great Jahangir and Jansher never bothered to enter in such low prize events. In the absence of key players Nasir Iqbal, Aamir Atlas, Danish Atlas, the home players’ chances suffered huge damages. But federation is not ready to revise their planning. They are not ready to pay heed to revising their strategy. One thing is quite disturbing that PSF President Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman despite being fully aware of the local players highly pathetic performances not taking any action and completely relying on the reports presented by either senior vice president or secretary. It seems the game of squash is taking its last breath in Pakistan as there are onlyhandful players left in Pakistan while coaches and referees are thrice in numbers than the players.

The PSF secretary is showering countless benefits on his blue-eyed referees and individuals and same referees are being invited for every tournament, whose lack of competency and biased decisions cost Pakistani players dearly. But there is no one who could prevent Secretary from imposing his policies. Even the PSF SVP who is also the vice president of Asian Squash Federation had done nothing for Pakistan squash. Despite that he is eyeing another high profile post of World Squash Federation vice president next month. A person who doesn’t have time for Pakistan squash, how would he be able to work at such high forum?

Another main area which federation must pay heed is the empty venues during the events. The federation must invite locals and also ensure school kids during qualifying round and onwards, which would send a very positive message to international community and present sports-loving image of country. It makes no sense of conducting international events infront of empty seats. It is hoped that the federation finally wake up and pay heed to suggestions rather than continuing with their same old policies.