LOS ANGELES -  Amy Adams thinks people like her husband more than her because he is such a ‘’nice’’ person.

The ‘Nocturnal Animals’ actress - who has six-year-old daughter Aviana with spouse Darren LeGallo - admits the artist’s support is invaluable, and she thinks his emotional nature is the perfect balance for her more practical attitude to life.

She said: ‘’He’ll kill me for saying this but he’s not very practical. He’s an artist. He paints and does music.

‘’He’s awesome about what I have to do in this job.

‘’I think it helps that everyone likes him better than they like me. It’s true! It’s one of our arguments. He’s so nice.’’

The 42-year-old actress admitted she is a ‘’quiet, weird’’ person at parties who favours one-on-one interactions, whereas her husband is much more outgoing.

She said: ‘’He’s extremely social, outgoing and curious. I feel like I’m just tired and antisocial.’’

Amy grew up as one of seven children and admitted the anxiety’’ she felt from growing up in a ‘’chaotic’’ household is partly the reason why she and Darren have only had one child.

Asked if there’s a connection, she said: ‘’Yes. If there’s a lot of chaos or noise or conflict, I get very anxious. I can manage it now, as a grown-up, but the family chaos I grew up in caused me a lot of anxiety.’’

The ‘American Hustle’ star originally had ambitions of being a doctor when she was younger but her parents couldn’t afford the tuition fees and she didn’t have the grades to get a scholarship.

She recalled to Britain’s ELLE magazine: ‘’I just had to look at what I could do. I wasn’t very good at school - I was decent, I didn’t fail, but I didn’t excel. B-grade students don’t get scholarships.

‘’So I just started working as a dancer and kept making decisions that let me continue with it.’’