KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh condemning the unannounced closure of the largest still mill of Pakistan, has demanded immediate opening of the Pakistan Steel Mills along with the payment of the pending salaries and taking action against the elements responsible for the closure of national building industrial unit.

PTI Haleem made this demand while addressing a protest sit-in of the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) workers in front of the mills premises here on Sunday. He said that similar action should be taken against those who tortured the employees and lodged FIRs against them.

He said if the demands of the Pakistan Steel Mills workers, who have arranged the sit-in, were not met, he would himself besiege the offices of the PMS officers leading thousands of the protesting workers.

He said that both the federal and provincial governments of Sindh were responsible for deliberate destruction of the PSM. He said the government has stopped the salaries of workers for last five months. However, this profit-giving steel mill has been closed unannounced for last 16 months.

PTI leader said that the PSM have been deliberately destroyed by the government with its imprudent economic policies. He said the government has posted some inexperienced people in Pakistan Steel who have deliberately doomed this national institution. He said FIR has been lodged against five employees, because they were demanding the release of the pending salaries.

Haleem Adil said that the government has been hatching a conspiracy to get declared the Pakistan Steel Mills bankrupt and sack its thousands of workers without paying them even their dues. He said the future of 13000 employees of the Pakistan Steel is at the stake.

He claimed the vested interests wanted to buy 157acres of precious land of the Pakistan Steel Mills from the federal government and for this payment of Rs1.5billion has already been made. He said the precious land of the Pakistan Steel is being sold for peanuts. He said that Punjab Chief Minister want to run a business of coal on the land of the PSM.

He said when the workers demanded payment of their salaries they were beaten up and a false case was registered against the leaders of Insaf Workers Ittehad. On the occasion, Haleem Adil met with every worker participating in the sit-in and assured them that he would continue to support their struggle till meeting of their just demands.