LAHORE - Efforts of the Pakistan Army and government are helping to normalise situation in Balochistan but actions of certain individuals are impacting negatively to these endeavours, said veteran Baloch leader Rauf Khan Sasoli.

Talking to media yesterday during his tour to the provincial capital, Rauf Sasoli said, “The efforts of Pakistan Army and the government are certainly bringing change in the overall situation of the restive province but still there are some individuals creating gulf between Baloch people and their brethren in other parts of the country.”

Referring to one of these individuals, he claimed chairman of the NICL misbehaved with his Baloch workers and even abused them, which was a damaging factor to the efforts of larger quarters of the military and political leadership.

The prime minister, corps commander southern command Quetta, federal commerce minister, NICL board of directors and Balochistan chief minister must take immediate notice of such unfortunate incidents damaging the normalization efforts in Balochistan, demanded Mr Sasoli.

Commenting on overall situation of Balochistan, he said, “Peaceful Balochistan’ plan, which I think is the brain child of Lt-Gen (r) Nasir Janjua coupling with the efforts of Baloch sincere political leadership did a lot for normalising the situation in my province.”

“The new military commander of Balochistan and some political leaders are continuing efforts to bring permanent peace in the province,” he added.

CPEC would certainly prove a game changer for the economic uplift of Pakistan and the region. Baloch people should be the major beneficiaries of the huge project and they must be given maximum jobs in its projects to completely eliminate the influence of foreign-funded banned outfits, advised the veteran Baloch leader.

Middle class political leadership should be involved in more proactive manner in Balochistan for engaging the estranged youth to deal with the menace of militancy for good, proposed Mr Sasoli.