Rawalpindi - Five-member delegation of the US Embassy visited Pakistan Sweet Homes head office yesterday.

During the visit, the delegation met the orphans of Pakistan Sweet Homes. A story telling session was also arranged by the US embassy staff for the orphan kids.

The US embassy diplomats were highly inspired by the talent of children belonging from the North of Pakistan. Diplomats also vowed to join the team as a volunteer of Pakistan Sweet Homes.

One of the diplomat Robert Raines said, “Pakistan Sweet Homes is the true face of Pakistan and by seeing in the eyes of these angels (Orphans) we can be assure of the fact that Pakistan has bright future ahead. US embassy in collaboration with Pakistan US Alumni Network (PUAN) has been working for the development of Pakistan, and we are so proud of the fact that many members of PUAN are working on volunteer basis with Sweet Homes.”

On this occasion Patron in Chief Pakistan Sweet Homes, Zamurrad Khan said that “We want all the national and international organizations to join our Nobel cause. Pakistan US alumni Network volunteers have been actively working for sweet homes. Sweet homes mission is to protect the vulnerable orphan kids from the menace of terrorism and we strongly condemn any form of terrorism in Pakistan.”


Our most of angels want to join Pakistan Army to fight the evil of terrorism. The story telling session is a good initiative by US embassy, and we hope that more of these types of initiatives should be started by US embassy.”

He further added, “Pakistan Sweet Homes started with one little angel in 2009 after Swat operation but now with the grace of almighty Allah and due to support of philanthropists all around Pakistan and overseas; Sweet homes have become the largest Project of Asia. Pakistan Sweet Homes, is the only project of Pakistan in which all the political parties are working under one umbrella for the future of Pakistan. We are really thankful to international community for their increasing interest in our project. I am also thankful to the team of volunteers belonging to all the segments of Pakistan especially Dr. Shazia, Abdul Wahid Baber, Haq Nawaz, Umer Hussain and Waleed Hussain for being the pillars of Sweet Homes.”

The US embassy diplomats at the end of the ceremony promised the support of US embassy in collaboration with PUAN to Pakistan Sweet Homes and to the mission of Zamurrad Khan.