HELSINKI (AFP) - A young trainee chef went on a shooting rampage at a Finnish vocational school on Tuesday, mowing down at least 10 people before turning a weapon fatally on himself, police said. Witnesses at the school in Kauhajoki in southwestern Finland described scenes of panic as the man, thought to be in his early 20s, prowled the corridors letting off round after round at helpless students. "I heard the sound of shooting and hysterical girls' voices. Then two girls came towards my room and said a weird man was shooting," Jukka Forsberg, the janitor of the school, told AFP. "I went to see and saw a guy leaving a big black bag in the corridor and going into classroom number three and closing the door. "I looked through the window and he immediately shot at me. Then I called the emergency number," he said, adding, "Thank God I was not hit He fired at me but I was running zigzag. I ran for my life." Forsberg said he heard "horrible screams of pain" as he raced out of the building. The shooter - identified by police as a second-year culinary arts student Matti Juhani Saari - was clad in black clothes and a ski mask as he stalked the school looking for victims. After his shooting spree, the attacker turned a gun on himself and was taken to a local hospital with head injuries. He later died of those wounds, police told AFP. "Now the number of dead is 10 and the shooter has died. That means 11 people have died," police chief Urpo Lintala told AFP. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen held a crisis meeting of the Finnish government following the shooting. Police believe all the dead were students at the school, the STT news agency reported. Threats had been issued on Tuesday against the regional chain of schools to which the Kauhajoki institute belonged, prompting officials to evacuate more than 2,750 students from the 12 schools. Finnish Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said meanwhile that police had questioned the suspected shooter the day before the attack after he posted a video of himself at a shooting range on the Internet, but they had not deemed him enough of a threat to withdraw his gun licence. The shooting started at 11:00 am (0800 GMT) and lasted for about an hour and a half, Paananen said. Hours after the massacre, police wearing bullet-proof vests continued to patrol the grounds around the school. The school had been set on fire in several locations around the building, a fire brigade duty officer said, and while the flames had been brought under control thick smoke was still complicating the police search of the premises, STT reported. The gunman may also have been carrying explosives on him, according to the YLE public broadcaster. The interior minister said Tuesday's suspect had posted a video of himself at a shooting range on the Internet. "The person suspected of being the shooter had posted a video on the Internet last Friday where he was shooting at a shooting range," she said. "Police were aware of this and spoke to him on Monday, September 22 ... However the police officer on duty decided there was no need to terminate his gun license," she said, adding that he held a "temporary license for a .22-caliber gun he obtained in 2008." The video clip showed a young man pointing a gun at the camera and saying, "You will die next," before firing four shots.