KARACHI (PR) - The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) held a meeting with Badr Hashemi Country Program Managerr, SME Sector Development Program, Ministry of Finance, David Monkman CEO Business Support Fund (BSF), Syed Noman Ali Manager BSF and Atiqua Vally of Orix Leasing to outline strategy for SME sector promotion in agrobased industries. President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver congratulated Badr Hashemi on his nomination as new CEO of BSF in place of David Monkman whose term is ending in October 2008 and thanked David Monkman for his valuable and dedicated services for SMEs. He said that the BSF should now focus on agrobased industries to make them competitive as many of our units in rice, wheat, maize guar gum are using primitive methods for drying, husking and harvesting and need to be modernized. He said we need modern paddy drying systems for rice and steam rice processing systems to compete with India for value addition in rice varieties. He also urged the BSF to study the spices industry and upgrade the manufacturing to bring it to international standards. He urged the BSF to work at grass root level and offered the services of Unisame volunteers. Atiqua Vally stressed practical approach and regretted that it is lacking, she said much theoretical work has been done but the sector needs immediate help and precious time should not be lost. David Monkman requested Unisame to support the CEO designate of BSF and support the agenda of BSF. Badr Hashemi promised all out support and full fledged help for SMEs willing to avail of the facilities offered by BSF for product designing, upgrading and improvement and stated that BSF would offer financial support for units desirous of competing and BSF would offer funds upto 1.8 million to each SME provided the contribution of the SME is equal to the amount desired from BSF. Syed Noman Ali endorsed the idea of UNISAME for a representative of BSF to be present in the Unisame facilitation centre for on the spot guidance for SMEs.