KARACHI - A mafia uses fake National Identity Cards (NICs) in grabbing lands, bank loans and for various other lucrative purposes, The Nation has learnt here on Tuesday. A high official of an intelligence agency has informed the Home Department Sindh about running business on the basis of bogus NICs and also pointed out the illegitimate use of NICs. It has been pointed out that various departments either governmental or non-governmental have been involved in creating racket and also getting number of other financial advantages by using fake NICs. The report received by the Home Department revealed that over thousands NIC cards had been issued in last couple of months. It cited that the officials of City District Government Karachi (CDGK) and various other departments had issued number of plots on false identity cards. The report further mentioned the names of three main racketeers involved in making of Nadra identity cards included Younas Bengal and Qari Abdul Haleem, residents of Korangi, while Dodo Mian is the resident of Pakistan Muslim Colony, Kimari. They have been running such business of the fake identity cards with the help of departmental people while employees of CDGK and land department were also involved in this game and they have owned various lands of Taiser Town and Lyari Express Way by using fake identity cards. It is pertinent to mention here that CDGK have announced to compensate those people whose houses were damaged or destroyed due to the Lyari Expressway and other projects of CDGK. CDGK gave number of plots and Rs 50,000 to the residents of Katchi Abadi. The culprits involved in this game had made number of fake NICs and get hundreds of plots on fake NICs. The report further mentioned that the group has also been involved in various other kinds of fraud such as the fake visa stickers.  It has also been learnt through the sources that the groups also provide NICs to Bengalis, Brumes, Afghanis and other countries' nationals who are illegally staying in Pakistan. Sources further said that such kind of gangs have been working here in the City and getting fake NICs to obtain loans by various banks and leasing companies. And they are also running the business of land mafia in which they had also made fake files of plots and lands, and later obtain millions of loans on false registrations and NICs. These people first established their bogus office, maintaining bank accounts and also take a rented house. The procedure takes three months time after which they apply for loans and get credit cards from different banks and also get the leased cars, the source said. This procedure usually takes around six months and one can easily get the loan of around Rs 2.5 to 5 millions easily.