LAHORE - The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has issued notices of gas loadshedding to big industrial units owing to closure of Qadirpur and Sawan gas fields in Sindh in October producing 750 million cubic feet gas per month and gave directives to concerned staff to put off annual repair and renovation of these gas fields till Eidul Azha. According to details, SNGPL is receiving 500mcf from Qadirpur and 250 mcf from Sawan for its total consumption of 1800 mcf. The sources disclosed that gas supply to cement, textile, steel, glass and paper industries would be stopped for the whole month of October. However, there would be no loadshedding for domestic consumers and CNG sector in this period. The sources further told that in October gas would be supplied to Wapda's power houses and other industrial units according to contact and surplus supply would be stopped owing to the closure of these gas fields. Currently, Wapda's power houses are being supplied 2000 mcf per month instead of 1600 mcf according to contract, the source added. The source revealed that gas supply would be stopped twice in a week to those industrial units to whom SNGPL authorities have served the notices. The General Manager SNGPL Mujahid Anwar said if 3.2 million gas consumers avoid usage of gas heaters in peak summer season, the country could get rid of electricity loadshedding. A huge amount of gas would be burnt if over 3.2 million consumers use gas heaters while gas heaters produce corbon dioxide which is harmful to human beings, the source added.