LAHORE - The movement launched by the lawyers has the power to uproot the government led by Pakistan Peoples Party as they lawyers had ended the dictatorship of General Musharraf, if Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is not restored as Chief Justice of Pakistan, said the speakers at a function organised by Lahore High Court Bar Association to observe 'Yaume Iftikhar' here on Tuesday. We salute the steadfastness of Justice Chaudhry and the lawyers who despite enduring every odds in their way, were yet not tired of to fulfill their commitment with the revival of November 2 judiciary at the head of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The judges who accepted reappointment under fresh oath have enormously disappointed not only the lawyers fraternity but the public as well at a crossroads when all were ready to go to any length to win their restoration which meant for an independent judiciary and rule of law in the country, said the speakers including JI Naib Amir Liaqat Baloch, PTI Central leader Admiral (r) Javed Iqbal, Khaksar Tehreek chief, Hameed-ud-Din Almishriqi, member Pakistan Bar Council Hafiz Abdul Ansari, former President SCBA Hamid Khan, President LHCBA Anwar Kamal, JUP's Engineer Saleemullah, Shafqat Mahmood Chauhan, Mian Abdul Qadoos, Allah Buksh Gondal, Abdul Rashid Qureshi and others. They all pledged to continue the movement terming the same not only a means to save the judiciary but to also save the country after the lawyers spearheading it, had awakened the masses to what 'ugly' game is being played by the rulers. Liaqat Baloch stressed the need of evolving a strategy by including people from all walks of life so that consensus could be developed for steering the country out of crisis. He said rulers were playing in the hands of America. He said after February elections intentions of everyone had become clear that an independent and vibrant judiciary was not affordable to the rulers. As such the need of continuing the movement and infusing more spirit in it, had become even more pronounced. Baloch described the lawyers' movement different from what have been in the past and said this time the movement contains all the shades of the past movements with a more vigorous support by the public after they were awakened to the harsh realities caused by the imperialistic forces and their local agents. First time in the state history, lawyers movement weakened a dictator and loosened establishment's grips on the affairs and challenged the US agenda for this country in the face of it. But now government was testing every trick to fizzle out the movement to in turn enable the US implement its agenda firmly, he said while counting re-appointment of judges, increasing the SC strength 29 through financial bill etc as government manipulated moves in this respect. He criticised the judges who accepted reappointment terming their act a breach of public trust and a big offence. He said Benazir Bhutto had announced to reinstate Justice Chaudhry but the government did not fulfill her commitment. The government is in illusion if it thinks escape is possible from the judiciary's issue without restoring Justice Chaudhry, he said charging at the government in the context of awarding guard of honour to General Musharraf under American pressure when he (Musharraf), according to him, deserved high treason trial under Article 6 of the Constitution for the heinous offence he did to the country and the nation. Baloch on the occasion also announced mass contact train march of the JI next month. Admiral Javed Iqbal promised a whole hearted support of the PTI to the lawyers movement while stressing the need of maintaining unity in the lawyers ranks and files. He said Imran Khan, the PTI chief, was committed to the restoration of Justice Chaudhry so much so that he would alone continue the struggle if others deserted him. Hamid Khan said their movement would continue and those trying to weaken their unity would frustrate. He said restoration of Justice Chaudhry to the office is the only help to sort out the judicial crisis and save the country. He said lawyers endeared independent judiciary and integrity of country for that they would not shun any sacrifices. Anwar Kamal said lawyers' movement was not now confined to them but it had become a public movement.  He said the force of the movement would wipe out everything, which stood in the way of an independent judiciary, which he said, was the guarantee to a strong and stable Pakistan and democracy.