KARACHI - Prolonged power outages continue across the City during the holy month of Ramazan on rotational basis of 4 hours maximum during the day time and 2 hours during night. The chief minister chaired a meeting the other day at the CM's House regarding loadshedding in Karachi and the problems being created by interruption in the power supply. He observed that the City was facing a general shortage of electricity owing to the energy crisis prevailing across the country. He was of the view that the loadshedding was undermining developmental works in the City. He felt that there was a need for overcoming the problems by enhancing power generation and minimising loadshedding. The government is planning to execute coal-power projects in a timely manner in the areas of Jherruk and Sondha, where there is abundance of coal reserves. Unannounced power cuts have struck the areas of Malir, Landhi, Korangi, Orangi, Defence, Gulshan, Gulistan-i-Jauhar and FB Area. The new KESC management should take measures to minimise the duration of each span of loadshedding and stop unannounced power cuts. Proper publicity through the media about the timings of loadshedding should be ensured so that people could manage their routine activities. Prolonged electricity crisis gripped the City, this summer. With ensuing problems being faced at the Bin Qasim Power Plant as well. During late summer, most of the Bin Qasim power plant units were functioning on gas, making low pressure of gas leading towards shortage of electric supply. Under the Abarraj management, it is hoped that the electric problem that has in recent times intensified will surely come down.