KARACHI - Despite the passage of several months to abolish the contract system, concerned provincial authorities have failed to introduce a substitute policy for fishing in inland waters, The Nation has learnt here on Tuesday. Local fishermen are still waiting for a policy for fishing in inland waters across the province despite issuance of countless directives by the Sindh government none of which could so far be implemented. The legislators are also avoiding discussion on the issue on the assembly flour to legalise fishing in inland water.  The local fishermen had taken a sigh of relief when Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, during the budget session in June, announced to abolish the contract system in inland waters, cancel all types of licenses in Sindh and eliminate role of the middleman. The fishermen expressed their satisfaction as it was their longstanding demand. While the CM also decided to introduce multiple projects to increase the income of the poor fishermen. While the prolonged dispute between fishermen and the government over the fishing in inland waters and deep sea was about to be settled as the Chief Minister had personally intervened and directed the authorities concerned to chalk out plan in this regard. Earlier, there was a tussle between fishermen and the authorities in the previous regime regarding the policy of fishing in inland waters while the current government took the initiative to remove the fishermen's problems but the concerned officials are not interested to follow the orders of the Chief Minister. Sources further disclosed that CM Sindh had issued the directives to the fisheries' ministry and concerned department to submit their recommendations regarding the new policy aimed at providing the fishermen the opportunities to earn their livelihood. The chief minister also ordered that the local fishermen should be provided permits for fishing free of cost and they should be allowed fishing without any restriction from the concerned department. The source said that the CM was about to announce the new fishing policy in inland waters but due to the negligence of higher officials, the policy has not been announced so far. It is pertinent to be mention here that fishermen's fraternity had been struggling for its rights and elimination if the involvement of middlemen. The previous provincial government had imposed a ban on contract system but it could not be implemented properly due to the negligence of the bureaucrats. Meanwhile, Pakistan Fisher-folk Forum (PFF) alleged that due to such negligence of the authorities concerned, the middlemen and local influential people have occupied the fishing points across the province as the government has failed to bring out any fishing policy in this regard. The fishermen's representative body also alleged that over 40,000 fishermen have been deprived of their livelihood as some former contractors and influential people were occupying the fishing points. The PFF further claimed that waderas have so far deprived the local fishermen from 2.2 million fishing points across the province including, Shahi Canal in Jacobabad, Beghari Canal in Shikarpor, Darya Shah in Sann, Rise Canal in Larkhana, Ghaot Lake in Mitiari, Kahnot in Jamshoro and others.  The fishermen have demanded to abolish the license system for deep sea fishing and cancel all licenses issued in 2001 after imposing the deep sea fishing policy.