MINGORA - At least 16 persons were killed and 29 others injured here on Tuesday when gunship helicopters shelled curfew violators in Mingora city and police fired at an unruly mob in Khawazakhela. The protesters were demanding lifting of curfew, troops withdrawal, restoration of power and gas supplies to the area. Around 10 persons, including women and children, were killed in the shelling by helicopters on Mingora city. Meanwhile, six people were shot dead by police when protesters in Khawazakhela, also demanding troops pullout and lifting of curfew, went violent. According to eyewitnesses, hundreds of people, in violation of curfew, held a protest demonstration in Mingora against the death of three children of a family, killed on Monday, by the shelling of the security forces at village Allahabad. When the protesters gathered at Green Chowk, some of them hurled stones and pebbles on the police force. In retaliation, the police force baton-charged the protesters and fired tear gas shells on them. Several protesters sustained injuries in the result of the incident. Later addressing the gathering, Haji Sardar Ali Khan, President of Transport Association, said, "Neither we are willing to host the security forces nor we want militants on our soil." Almost all the Union Council Nazims and councillors, traders and transporters also participated in the protest. Meanwhile, some unknown militants blew up a gas transmission plant at Balogram on Tuesday midnight. No loss to life has been reported so far. As a result of the incident, gas supply to the entire region has broken down, multiplying the miseries of the residents of the area. It is worth mentioning that the power supply had already been cut off the region for several days after the destruction of a grid station at Amankot. Similarly, the unknown militants also blew up Abdlai Public School at Matta on Tuesday midnight by an explosion, damaging several adjacent buildings. App adds: The officials of local police told reporters that the unruly mob went on rampage and clashed with the police protesting against the lawlessness, continuous power and gas outages in Mingora city for the last couple of days. The unruly mob torched the branches of the National Bank, Khushali Bank, and Faisal Bank, he added. The lorries of the fire-brigade rushed to the site to extinguish the fire. They also damaged other state property in the vicinity. To control the situation, the administration clamped a curfew. Meanwhile, three rockets were fired late night at security forces check post in Charbagh area, However no loss to life or property reported. Police and law enforcing agencies are patrolling in the area to avoid any untoward mishap.