ISLAMABAD - The sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Sports has asked for the removal of Mir Zafrullah Khan Jamali and Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mehmood from their respective offices of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) and Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF). The sub-committee made these recommendations after probing the reasons of the sports decline in the country. The Senate Standing Committee would forward this report to the Prime Minister and federal cabinet for the implementation of these recommendations.   However, this report, prepared by the five-member committee comprising Senator Enver Baig, Senator Tariq Azim Khan, Senator Razina Alam Khan, Federal Sports Minister Najmuddin Khan and secretary committee Muhammad Sher Khan Baolch, recommended 21 major steps for the improvement of sports. The committee also recommended to review the national sports policy and its regular reframing after every four years, a reasonable increase in the annual grant of national federations and release of these funds in one go instead of installments, appointing the professionals as heads of sports federations and utilising the expertise and experience of former national players and appointment of one member each from the standing committees for sports of Senate and National Assembly in every federation. The committee says in its report that Jamali caused serious loss to national hockey as he did not take any step to improve the affairs of the game. "Pakistan unfortunately failed to win any major title during his two years tenure and Mr. Jamali should be replaced by some one more capable for this slot," the report says. While commenting on the affairs of squash, the committee said that the President Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mehmood Ahmed has no time to appear before the committee and it is impossibly for a person to carry on two most important tasks at the same time.   The committee also directed Ministry of Education and Higher Education Commission to provide grounds and encourage sportspersons in all government and private educational institutions. It also directed PTV to start sports channel as soon as possible.