LOCAL tribes on Tuesday claimed to have shot down an American drone near Angoor Adda, reported a private TV channel, quoting sources. The sources further said the Washington was reviewing the information about the claims of shooting down any of its drone in Pakistan tribal area. A US drone was shot down by local tribes in a tribal area. The wreckage of the spy plane was spread over Jalal Village, and political administration is investigating the incident, local media said quoting eyewitnesses. AFP adds: A suspected US unmanned spy aircraft crashed in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan on Tuesday, a senior security official told AFP. The drone came down near the frontier village of Angoor Adda in the tribal district of South Waziristan, the official said. "A pilotless spy plane, we believe it is US, crashed in Pakistani territory but it did not disintegrate. Tribesmen picked it up and then Pakistani security forces retrieved it," the official added.