ISLAMABAD - Despite inflated claims by security officials of conducting thorough probe into the incidents of terrorism and making the reports public within hours or days, the ground realities speak otherwise, as the authorities have not yet succeeded in bringing to light the culprits behind the acts. State security apparatus has so far failed to completely unearth or make public the investigative reports of Karsaz carnage, Liaquat Bagh incident, FIA Lahore suicidal explosion, Danish embassy blast, DI Khan hospital blast, Wah Cantt devastation, etc in spite of the fact that every time the high-ups of Interior Ministry assured the nation that within days the details of investigations would be shared with it.   Soon after the devastating Marriott blast, Advisor to PM on Interior came forward to sooth the nation's frenzied nerves and claimed that an in-depth probe had been launched and the culprits would be brought to book. He also assured the masses that the investigative report of the tragic incident would be made public as soon as it would be completed.    Pakistan has been the target of deadly terrorist attacks and after every act of terrorism, authorities wasted not even a minute in claiming that the probe had been launched and the results would be shared with the nation and the culprits would soon be brought to book but the track record of law enforcement agencies negated the claims as the authorities have so far failed to honour their words. People want to know as to who were the perpetrators and facilitators behind the havoc that occurred at Karsaz on October 19, 2007 when Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was returning to her homeland after a long self-imposed exile.   Benazir Bhutto's assassination at Liaquat Bagh was the worst kind of terrorism that had not only jolted the whole nation but also put the country's fate at stake on December 27, 2007. Till today no government, either interim setup or incumbent PPP regime, has been successful in unearthing the culprits behind the heinous crime. The incumbent government has raised its hands and feels no responsibility after forwarding the case to the United Nations. FIA Lahore suicidal explosion on March 11, 2008 was the most horrific attack in the history of provincial capital and targeted the most sophisticated civil investigative agency but no report has so far come to light. No one knows what was the result of the probe and whether the culprits have been captured or not and what is the present status of the case.   As some terrorist incident happens, the focus of media and the masses automatically turns towards it and on the bitter array of questions from journalists and civil society representatives, the high-ups of the Interior Ministry assure the nation that some clues have been traced and  after the complete investigation the report would be shared with the masses, but then another deadly blast eats the probe of previous one. The people of the country have the only information about Wah Cantt blast on August 21, 2008 and that is the claim of responsibility by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan for the attack. People still want to know as to how the whole deadly mission by the terrorists was carried out at Wah and who are the faces that had designed and facilitated the terrorist act. People also want to know about the network behind these  missions carried out in a most sophisticated way and their financing supporters. Pakistani people are still eagerly waiting for the investigative reports of suicidal attacks on police personnel on January 10, 2008 outside Lahore High Court building in Lahore and the second during the same year on July 5, 2008 on policemen at Aabpara, Islamabad. Interior Ministry still could not bring the detailed investigative report of Danish embassy blast, which took place on June 2, 2008 and the report of gruesome terrorist act having occurred in Dera Ismail Khan on August 19, 2008 that had butchered 30 people of the same family. Not only common people but our parliamentarians also have no knowledge about the follow-up of former terrorist attacks. Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmad, a seasoned parliamentarian and political analyst talking to The Nation said that the high-ups of the Ministry of Interior were feeding the people of the country with bluff reports. "No investigative report regarding such incidents of murder and terrorism has ever come to light in the history of Pakistan", he said, adding that the probe report of Marriott blast would never be made public.    Flaying the Advisor to PM on Interior, Rehman Malik, JI central leader said that he was telling a lie to the people of Pakistan by saying that Speaker's iftar dinner was scheduled at Marriott. "The government that is unable to probe the assassination of its leader, Benazir Bhutto, could never investigate other acts of terrorism in the country", he said and continued, "We are deceiving ourselves and protecting culprits". Vice President, PML-N Zafar Ali Shah said that it had been the tradition of successive governments to make false promises about revealing investigative reports of different terrorist incidents, which they did not succeed to fulfil. He said that he himself was unaware of the investigative reports of previous terrorist incidents like Karsaz, Liaquat Bagh, Wah, etc. "The incumbent regime should shun past practices and must bring the details of probes to light so that the people of the country could participate in the affairs of the state", he maintained. Shah noted that the government officials generally used to make false claims of completing probe within twenty-four hours just to appease people's annoyance while 'they are unable to complete investigation even in 24 months'. When an interior ministry spokesperson was asked whether the ministry had released probe reports of previous terrorist attacks, he said that he had no knowledge about it and would be able to reply after taking feed from concerned authorities. Secretary Interior Kamal Shah could not be contacted as despite frequent attempts he did not receive the phone calls.