LAHORE-Singer Meesha Shafi has appointed administrations of two lawyers Muhammad Ahmad Pansota and Nighat Dad to represent her case against singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar over sexual harassment allegations at multiple occasions.

Meesha took to twitter to make the announcement and wrote: “I have appointed Barrister Pansota and Nighat Dad as my legal counsels to look after all issues pertaining to my sexual harassment claim against Ali Zafar. Media is requested to contact them to get any update on the ongoing issue.”

Nighat Dad is a lawyer and social activist who runs a non-profit organisation Digital Rights Foundation. Her work in the field of IT security has earned her many international awards. Dad led campaigns to protect online freedom of speech in Pakistan as well as campaigns against legislation that gives the government broad powers of online surveillance, most notable one is the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015. However, Padota is an advocate based in Lahore. 

On Monday, Ali Zafar served a legal notice of Rs100 million on Meesha for accusing him of sexual harassment.

In his legal notice, Ali Zafar has called upon Meesha to delete the tweet posted on her twitter account on April 9, wherein she had accused him of continuing sexual harassment of a physical nature. He has also demanded an apology using the same social media platform of twitter declaring Ali Zafar as innocent. According to the legal notice, if she failed to delete the tweet and issue an apology within fourteen days after receiving this legal notice, he would seek remedy for redressal for his grievance and claim damages to the tune of at least Rs100 million in a court of competent jurisdiction in light of the provisions of the defamations ordinance mentioned here in above and all other relevant provisions of law for conceiving and executing a defamatory campaign against Ali Zafar.