ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Tuesday asked Chief Justice Saqib Nisar to mind his own business instead of meddling in the affairs of the government. “Let the bureaucracy do its job,” the PML-N supreme leader said while addressing the chief justice after attending the proceedings of court.

Sharif, however, said that the chief justice should redress the problems if someone asks him for solution of a problem. “Why visits are being made of hospitals and universities as a routine, I can bear everything regarding myself, but will not tolerate anything against the will of my nation,” he said. 

In his latest diatribe against the judiciary, Sharif also put a question mark on the elevation of the chief justice saying that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should also hold investigation on how an individual was first appointed secretary law and then deputed as a judge.

Sharif said that there was a dire need for reforms in judiciary and that everyone in society including lawyers, law enforcement agencies and general public wanted reforms.

Commenting on the judicial system in the country, Nawaz said that how judiciary was treating them since last eight months was an open secret.

Being aware of the fact that NAB was a result of the legislation made during a dictatorial regime and despite being in power, “we didn't make an effort to revoke this dictatorial legislation.”

Commenting on freedom of expression, Nawaz said, “When a logical argument comes to an end and opponents are left with nothing to say, censorship becomes their ultimate choice. In the past, these tactics were used by military dictators but now, the chief justice is using these tools to silent us.”

“An independent judiciary leads a society to rid any possible restrictions but no one knows, to which side Saqib Nisar is leading the society,” said Nawaz.

“I know media will not air these statements of mine but all these things are being registered on the pages of history and sooner or later, Justice Saqib Nisar will have to reply,” said Sharif.

“An individual can't restrict freedom of expression and the day is not far when people of Pakistan will seek answers for these restrictions on freedom of expression.”

“The chief justice should mend his own ways and look in to the situation of lower courts,” he said.

Talking about the London properties, Nawaz said they did not purchase these properties from the national exchequer. “If we accommodate these assets through unfair means, then they have to prove their allegations of corruption against us.”

“The allegations regarding corruption of billions and trillion of rupees were levelled against us but they have failed to provide even a single evidence on corruption against us. When there is not even an iota of corruption, this sequel should come to an end,” said Nawaz.

“Allah Almighty will make us successful in this ordeal,” said Nawaz Sharif.

On the occasion, Maryam Nawaz said that hype was being created in media nowadays that Zahir Shah from NAB had dug out some new series of evidence, adding, “As per new evidence, any electricity bill and registry has not been named either in my or my brother’s name”.

“It was stated that they have not ordered to take back security from Nawaz Sharif, even then CCTV cameras, barriers and security from our house has been removed, she added.

Earlier, DG NAB Operations Zahir Shah recorded his statement in the NAB Accountability Court in the Avenfield Properties Reference.

The court on the intention of defence counsel Khawaja Harris ordered Zahir Shah to provide MLAs.  In Tuesday's hearing, documents related to off-shore companies in the Flagship Investment reference against Nawaz Sharif and his children were provided in the court.

Zahir also provided details about sitting and former directors of the companies. On cross questioning of defence counsel Kh Harris, Zahir Shah informed the court, NAB's International Cooperation Wing has also possession of six MLAs written by JIT, which are also part of the Volume 10 of JIT report. It was also conveyed by Zahir Shah that UK’s central authority in reply to these MLAs sent required documents to Pakistan. On this, the court ordered Zahir Shah on intention of Khawaja Harris to produce the concerned MLAs regarding Flagship Reference in the court and adjourned hearing till today.