islamabad-Nomad Art Gallery would exhibit paintings by two visionary and quintessential artists Ubaid Syed & Masood A Khan on April 26 in the federal capital.

This exhibition is my inspiration by Lapland in Sweden and Narwik in Norway. Lapland at the far North of Sweden and Narvik inside the Arctic Circle are the lands of eight seasons and midnight sun, said Ubaid Syed.

Midsummer night at Lapland and Narvik with their beauty and diversity have infinite subject matter for an artist as they offer accenting contrasts and bring a variety of forms and colours from an almost divinely inspired palette of light and shade.

The gallery would present paintings reflecting light evocatively as an incomparable testimony to the marvels of art, seeing, and of the existence of everything as rudimentary as household objects, interior spaces and nature’s natural splendour awash with colour in stunning brush strokes.The shimmering surfaces, overall harmony, rich coloristic vigour, beautiful massing and a handling so magical are a joy to behold.