The Pakistan Christian Action Committee (PCAC) has announced that they would raise white flags across the country to show their rejection of intolerance and persecution at the hands of hardliners.

“We request civil society especially Christians to hoist a white flag on their rooftops for one month. This campaign is a pledge to make Pakistan a hub of justice and security,” said Bishop Humphrey Peter, Bishop Amjad Niamat, James Channan, Javaid William and other members of the committee.

The Christian leadership demanded of the government to provide help in the white flag campaign so that to give a positive message to the world. Condemning these acts of terrorism and violence, they said that the Christian community has become a target of rising intolerance and violence.

The committee urged the government especially the prime minister and the Supreme Court to take note of recent cases of persecution in different parts of the country. “We know some radicals want to create panic but we are against such attempts,” they said, adding that the white flags will symbolise both our sincerity and commitment to peace.

Expressing solidarity with the community, they said that the recent wave of violence against the minorities has generated concerns among communities across the globe. “We can say that Christians are an easy target for extremists,” they said. In recent times, they pointed out that the Christians have come under attack several times.

They said that the surge in hostile acts and intolerance towards minorities especially Christians was alarming. “We are observing that there is a certain intolerance towards everything that is related to Christians,” they said, adding that this trend is harmful for everyone and the social fabric of this country is damaged by these acts.

“Our people are afraid and feeling insecure,” the Christian leaders said and called for increased protection to religious places and community members. They said that the government should provide better security so that all the people can live side by side safe and secure.

Pakistan is ranked fifth on Open Doors' 2018 World Watch List of the countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian. Raising voice against intolerance and persecution, the Pakistan Christian Action Committee is an ecumenical advocacy group of Catholic and Protestant Church leaders.